NSX | How to Connect NSX Manager in Rest API client?

To connect with APIs of NSX Manager, you can use any tool like Postman or Insomnia.

Let's see, how we can do that.

I use insomnia, so will demonstrate via insomnia only. However process is quite similar.

Step 1: Install and open Insomnia

1.a : It is freeware tool and downloaded from here. Please get it installed on your pc
1.b : As usual an icon will be placed on your desktop in installation process
1.c : Open it and you will see this tool as similar as below.

Step 2: Connect NSX manager
2.a : Authentication is the first step before doing any other thing. isn't it? For authentication, select basic authentication (as shown above)
2.b : Give username and password of NSX manager, again as shown in above image.
2.c : Enter NSX manager URL as shown above "" and make sure GET is selected and press Send.

If you get that green "200 OK" message then you are connected guys else check your credentials.

That's it! You are connected with NSX Manager now in your RestAPI client.

I will post more on API operations some other day! Stay tuned.

Thank you,
Team vCloudnotes


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