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NSX | How to get IPSec VPN Tunnel Statistics for all NSX edges

I simply recalled the NSX API through powershell and got the required result.

#replace with actual IP address of NSX Manager
Connect-NSXServer -NSXServer

#Put all the edge-IDs in below location, for which you want to see the result.
$edgeids = Get-Content -path C:\Temp\gjohar.txt

 foreach($edgeid in $edgeids){
   $EdgeApi =  Invoke-NSXRestMethod -method "GET" -uri "/api/4.0/edges/$edgeid/ipsec/statistics"


I haven't taken output in a file. I just ran the command, copied entire data and pasted in notepad++ to review. But if you want, you can do so.

Below is the sample output.

Note that : output for each edge's data is separated with help of "out-string". One liner output is for those edges which don't have any VPN configured.

Feel free to comment in case of any query\doubt. We are quite reactive.

Thank you,
Team vCLoudNotes


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