Zerto Virtual Manager | How to read xml file extracted from ZVM (Zerto Virtual Manager)

To explain it completely, let me share the thought behind this post-

In ZVM, when we recreate any VPG, we export its setting (Which include VMs name, IP settings, failover network, test network etc) before deleting it. So that, we don't need to create it from scratch and manually.

When we have this exported settings, we just import it back and VPG automatically get created. This setting which we export and import, does save in .xml file format.

In case, we don't export the settings before deleting any VPG then it is bit lengthy process to recreate it from scratch. Sometime it happens like we have exported the settings but now not able to import it back (due to n numbers of reasons).

In that case, now we have to recreate the VPG. But being in operations, it is not very easy to go to client and request to share all the details again or we sometime not comfortable to request client to recreate the VPG.

In that case, we need this exported .xml file, which we must know how to read it and write down all the setting of a VPG and the configure accordingly.

So hopefully, we got the essence, now let's proceed how to read .xml file

Note 1: .xml file content save in reverse order
Note 2:  name of VM, datastore and network, will be mentioned in UID format and not with general name as shown in vcenter server
Note 3:  read this .xml file in any web-browser rather than in notepad++ or any text editor application

Let's say I have a VPG named "VPG_11" and I have to read all its configuration from exported file.

I have created below you tube videos, just to make it simpler for me to explain. Any doubt, ask me..

Zerto Virtual Manager | How to read xml file part-I

Zerto Virtual Manager | How to read xml file part-II

Zerto Virtual Manager | How to read xml file part-III

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