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vCloud Director | How to resolve error "No manifest entry found for: 'File_Name.iso" while uploading ova file to vCD?

When we upload any OVA\OVF file in vCloud Director, it gives error like "No manifest entry found for: 'File_Name.iso'

To resolve this, follow below steps one by one:

Step 1: Unzip the OVA file #In case of OVF there is no need to unzip

Step 2: Locate the OVF file and edit it in Notepad++ or any other text editor

Step 3: In OVF file, search for "vmware.cdrom.iso" and replace it with "vmware.cdrom.remotepassthrough" in OVF file only

Step 4: Save the file and exit

# making above modification will bypass checking of CD-ROM hence .iso file

Step 5: Rename or delete the .mf file (Please note that .mf file comes with ovf package so we need to make it unavailable by either deleting or renaming the extension otherwise it will not allow the changes to make effect)

Step 6: Now retry to upload the template through ovftool or any other way you might use.

It will be uploaded now without any issue, in case of no other issue with OVA\OVF :)


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