Zerto Virtual Manager | Pause replication on all VPGs with CMDlets

It is simple, if you know it. Let's us powershell to do that.

function LoadSnapin{
if (!(Get-PSSnapin | where {$_.Name -eq $PSSnapinName})){
Add-pssnapin -name $PSSnapinName
# Loading snapins and modules

LoadSnapin -PSSnapinName "Zerto.PS.Commands"

$VPGs = Get-ProtectionGroups -ZVMIP -ZVMPort 9080 -Username administrator -Password password -SiteName ALL

# - ZVM Server IP
#9080 - ZVM port number
#administrator - username
#password - Password
#ALL - It is for all sites. Because service provider might have many sites connected to it.

foreach ($VPG in $VPGs){

Pause-ProtectionGroup -ZVMIP -ZVMPort 9080 -Username administrator -Password password -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue -VirtualProtectionGroup $vpg -Confirm:$false

Please note: Run any script in your test environment first before applying into production. There is no harm in running above script but it is just an information :)


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