NSX | How NSX provide more security to datacenters?

It secure the data center by addressing one of the key issues in traditional security solutions, which are as below-

1. NSX has visibility not only on virtual datacenter components like VM, ESXi host, portgroups but also within Guest-OS, application and its service hence secure SDDC not only from external attacks but also from within vulnerabilities. Here we know something known as Micro-Segmentation.

For example:
if once VM is infected with some viruses\malware or any other malicious software then NSX block the VM and don't allow it to infect other VMs. Below is reference snippet.
First image(from left) is for traditional datacenter and with traditional security.
Second image is with NSX

2. It don't need any in Guest Antivirus agent. Separate antivirus solution is not required if you have Guest-Introspection enabled with NSX. 

Explanation: I have 10 ESXi host in a cluster and 100 VMs. I'll just prepare my ESXi Host for NSX (Let me know if you want to know about this point) and then enable the Guest-Introspection on entire cluster. My all 100 VMs will be secured with enabled antivirus in Guest-Introspection in NSX.

3. Because NSX secure entire cluster so if a VM is vMotioned by DRS or restarted by HA on different host then also it will be secured.

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