PS | Automation can be dangerous!

Hi Folks,

Everyone loves automation. It is very exciting to see that operations is happening automatically. But it will not take much to convert from excitement to graveyard regret if not executed in correctly or in a perfect manner.

I would like to share one example where we were in process of upgrading all NSX edges. As per plan, we selected around 100 edges to upgrade first and then we had to wait for further approval and all.

So we picked the powershell command and executed for those 100 edges. Command is very simple and one liner command. Nothing complex in that but.....

A blank enter key created mess. Let's see how!

Check the command first

In that command, there is source file which is saved with .txt extension. In that file, edge ids needs to be mentioned. isn't it? Then execute the script.

Very simple :)

but what ruin the task is, in that .txt file, edge were mentioned like

and so on and nothing wrong.
But in last row, there was a blank enter after last edge ID.

Script was taking this as an object "ALL" and executed the upgrade action on all other edges as well which were not in that .txt file.LOL!

What a mistake and what a mess!!

Solution is either don't give a blank enter or use .csv file rather than .txt file whenever giving source to an PS script.

Be careful guys. It is operations....LOL.

Thank you,
Team vCloudNotes


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