vCenter | Change Power Management Policy on all ESXi hosts

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To know in detail about Host Power Management Policy, click here. In short, in production environment, it should be "High Performance" otherwise many issue may arise like latency while backing up a VM or VM was not responding between interval of time etc. So, if it is "Balanced" then it could be one of the reason. Right now, login your vCenter and check the power management policy and change it if it is not the appropriate one.

Now, if you are changing this policy on hundreds of host then doing it manually can be a headache. Let use Powershell to get it done in a minute.

#Start here

Connect-VIServer #of course to connect VC
$view = (Get-VMHost | Get-View)
(Get-View $view.ConfigManager.PowerSystem).ConfigurePowerPolicy(x)

#End here

in above commad ".ConfigurePowerPolicy(x)" is as below

x= 1 ; for High Performance
x=2  ; for Balance

x=3  ; for Low Power

x=4  ; Custom 

Please note : 

1. There is no downtime for this change
2. Above command will change the current policy for all esxi host. In case, you need to change the power policy for single host then follow below command 

#Start here

$view = (Get-VMHost -Name | Get-View)
(Get-View $view.ConfigManager.PowerSystem).ConfigurePowerPolicy(x) 

#End here

We just mentioned the host name in above command. You can use below command to cross check the current setting in all esxi hosts.

#Start here

Get-VMHost | Select Name, @{N='Current Policy';E={$_.ExtensionData.Hardware.CpuPowerManagementInfo.CurrentPolicy}} 

#End here


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