vROPS | How to get list of VMs with connected ISO files

Below vROPS view will help you to get a report having name of all those VMs which have connected CD-ROM and .iso file attached.

This solution was given to one of the team who was struggling to find some way to have this kind of report. 

Step 0: Login vROPS
Step 1: Browse vROPS to create a view
Step 2: Give it Name --> Presentation as "List" --> Subject as "Virtual machine" --> You can select Data as "Parent vCenter, Name and vcenter etc."
Step 3: Now go to Filter button as shown in below image and configure as shown

Now simply save the View and use it as you want.

False: Means this view will show all VM which has connected CD-ROM drive
True: Means VM where CD-ROM drive is disconnected

One issue can be there that you might not see snipped option\metric for "Configuration|Security|Disconnected CD-ROM" because in some cases, it is not default activated and need to enable manually from vROPS policy.

That's the topic for another post "How to enable any metric in vROPS".

Let me know if you need any clarification\further suggestion or if you face any issue during the view creation. I will surly help you out.

Thank you,
Team vCloudNotes


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