NSX | BUM Explained

In network, BUM (Broadcast, Unknown-Unicast and Multicast) is the method of sending and receiving layer 2 network traffic. Let's see what is that-

Broadcast Traffic - it is used to transmit a message to any reachable destination in the network without the need of knowing the receiver. When Broadcast traffic receives by switch, it send it to all the switch ports except the one it is coming from.

Unknown Unicast Traffic - It flooded in the network when a switch receives a frame intended for a destination which is not in its forwarding table. In this case, switch mark this frame for flooding and send it to all ports respective of that VLAN. Forwarding this type of traffic can cause unnecessary overload on network and cause poor performance.

Multicast Traffic - As its name, this traffic allowed a host to communicate with subset of hosts or a group. This caused a broadcast when there is no group mechanism is present in the underlay network or physical network. in NSX, selecting multicast replication mode require IGMP configuration in underlay network and it is totally dependent on physical\underlay network.

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