VCD | How to find an Organization name of VM(s)

One of my ex-colleague requested to share the script so, I thought to create a post and then share it. It is an awesome place to keep an information and can be accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Finding Organization name of a VM in vCD is very easy in vCD GUI but when you have demand to extract a report against each and every VM or search a VM's Org quickly then vCD GUI is not helpful and can be a time taking process.

I am writing here a very simple and short script to search any VM's Org name in vCD. Here you go.....

#Start here

$vCD = Read-host "Enter vCD URL starting with https  " #It will connect the vCD
$VM = Read-host "Enter the VM name, you want to search "

Get-CIVM -Name $VM  | Select Org, OrgvDC #it will give you exact Org and OrgvDC name of any VM that you have given to it.

#End here

Above script is for one VM. If you need a script which can extract a csv\.xlsx file for all the VMs then feel free to let me know, I will do that for you guys.

Above script is too basic script but if anyone wants an intelligent search or action engine then you need to request for that because I can and will customize it as per your requirement. URL( is an example for search engine I have created for vCenter Server and below image is an example of Search engine for vCD.

Feel free to contact me anytime by commenting on my any blog.

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