NSX-T | Basic Routing Setup

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As most of the techie guys knows, who are dealing with cloud technologies and specially dealing with VMware cloud applications that NSX-v will sunset soon.

To replace it VMware has already released NSX-T which provides wider support of cloud technologies, easier implementation and independent design approach.

NSX-v was built only for vSphere environment whereas NSX-T can work with any cloud vendor, for example MS Azure, AWS and even with Openstack.

Now a days, integrating k8s with NSX-T is in trend. I will try to create a post on that as well but in today's post let's see how you can setup basic east-west and north-south routing in NSX-T. It will clear many doubts that you might have like what is T0, T1 router? What is SR and DR? and many more.

So, While explaining and demonstrating it, I will be using below topology.

So, let's see how I did it.

Steps are same as in NSX-v, just look and feel is different. Just remember that

Logical switch in NSX-v is similar to Segment in NSX-T
DLR in NSX-v play similar role as Tier-1 in NSX-T (It run on DR that is distributed router)
ESG in NSX-v play similar role as Tier-0 in NSX-T (It has SR that is service router which connect with physical switch\router)

But yes, architecture and configuration is bit different. There was no SR or DR in NSX-v but we have in NSX-T. However this post is to demonstrate the steps to be taken to setup basic routing in NSX-T from my VM to Tier-0 Gateway router.

So what I have already done in my lab :-
  • All VMs are directly connected with Tier-0 gateway through three segments that LS-db, LS-web and LS-app
  • Right now there is no Tier-1 gateway in my lab.

What I will do is:-
  • I will first create one Tier-1 gateway and will connect it to Tier-0 gateway to maintain the topology as shown above
  • Migrate all segments from Tier-0 to Tier-1 and ensure the connectivity
Create Tier-1 Gateway and connect it with Tier-0 Gateway
    Migrate all segments from Tier-0 to Tier-1 Gateway

    Ensure the connectivity now

    So guys, let me know how you found it. I could create one single big video but that becomes bit boring and lengthy.

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