NSX-T | Micro-Segmentation

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So, as I promised, I am writing about micro-segmentation means DFW (Distributed FireWall) in NSX-T. This post is for those guys who knows how to configure it in NSX-V. In case, you want to understand DFW in detail then click here.

First of all, let's understand the Connectivity Strategy in NSX-T.

1. Blacklist (with or without logging) - This is the default option which creates an allow all rule in DFW. It also does mean that micro-segmentation is off.
2. Whitelist (with or without logging) - It creates deny all rule in DFW. To allow any traffic, we have to create allow rules. It block DHCP traffic as well if not allowed via allow rule
3. None - This option will disable both Blacklisting and Whitelisting of firewall rules. This option is useful when you have already applied rules from older version of NSX-T

In comparison of NSX-V, above terms were not in picture but default rule was allow-all.

In below video, we are going to explore DFW rules in NSX-T.

Now when we know about the connectivity strategy, let's dig in and know about the DFW rules.

Please go through below video

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