How to use Filezilla as your FTP server

Hi Guys,

I know it is kind of "Out of track" topic but knowing this, might help you in many-many cases. Whether you are into VMware, Azure, AWS or in any other cloud or non-cloud technology, you will definitely be in a situation to upload some logs\file etc to a FTP server.

Many Orgs might have configured their FTP server, but using FileZilla is way easier than traditional Microsoft FTP server in IIS (It is my opinion).
You just need to download FileZilla Setup from here. You need to choose whether you have Windows or Linux to proceed with.

Once done then install it as any other simple application. Once done, you will have an icon on your desktop. Now, follow below steps to configure the FTP server.

Step 1 - It is mandatory and cannot be avoided "Open the application". LOL!
Step 2 - When you will open installed FileZilla then you will get below image. Don't worry and click on connect. See below Funny black arrow icon :)

Step 3 - Now, you need to create a user account by clicking on single person icon and you will have below window.

Step 4 - Now, click on Add button under "Users" column and then do what I did in below image.

Step 5 - Now, create a folder and share it wherever you want like in C:\FTP\vcnotes\ etc. Once done, click on "Shared Folders" as shown in below image. Then click on "Add" button and give the path of above created shared folder. Then as per your requirement, give the permissions.

Step 6 - Now, if you don't want to limit the speed and all then simply click on OK to finish the creation.

Now, FTP is configured. Question is how to access it.

IP address of FTP Server is - IP address of the machine where you installed the FileZilla.
Username - Which you created
Password - Which you given :)

You can access this ftp server like FTP:\\IP_Address_of_Your_Machine and then hit enter.

Any doubt, put your comment please.