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NSX-T | Automation Use Case#1

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Nowadays, I am trying hands and feet over NSX-T automation. It is a bit different than PowerNSX for NSX-V. You can check a few basic instructions and commands on VMware Documentation but here in this post I would like to go a bit deeper and will try to share some Automation Use Cases which you can refer to your daily operations.

Before proceeding further, I would recommend going through the above link and have some understanding of, how you can connect NSX-T manager in PowerShell and how you connect with services of NSX-T.

I hope you have gone through the above link. So, just to recap that, every action in NSX-T which we do through Powershell is executed by recalling a service name. For example,


If you want to do any specific task on any specific component, then you must know the relevant service for that component. As I said in the above lines, service com.vmware.nsx.logical_switches is responsible for all operations on logical switches. I hope you are understanding it. If not, then feel free to comment and ask your query.

As you know that I always club all these operations into one operation engine which gives me ease of operating it and at a good pace. So, what I have done is, please see in below video.

I will keep on adding many operations in this engine like getting Tier-0 and Tier-1 router detail etc. I mean a lot of options are there to create in.

If you want to have the benefit from it then please continue visiting the space for more engines like this. In case, anyone wants this basic engine then he\she may comment on my blog and then I will share it free of cost :)

Use Case1:

Whenever I create a segment that should be automatically connected with the Tier-1 router.


I am working on it guys and will share it once I am done.

Meanwhile, if you want me to add anything here then your all suggestions are welcome.

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