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So, In my older posts, I wrote about basic routing setup and a bit about DFW from Policy interface but today I thought to cover-up the same thing from Advance interface with some additional features.

So, let's discuss about below points-

- Distributed Firewall
- Edge Firewall
- Bridge Firewall (This is not available in policy interface) 

Because I will have to cover bridge firewall that's why including below in this post
- ESXi bridge cluster
- L2 bridging

I am sorry but no theory!! VMware has already done a great job on their website. Replicating same text is not a wise thing but yes, here is the excellent notes from VMware Documentation about the same

In this post, I will try to share all practical work. From where exactly in NSX-T, you can apply all these firewall rules from advance interface.

I have created a video, so, go ahead and play below video. Do remember to comment on blog to share how did you find it.

Distributed Firewall - So, it is distributed across the platform and applicable on entire infrastructure but we can decide where we want to apply it either on DFW leve, on Portgroups, on VM etc..Hope there is no doubt but if any then feel free to comment please. Ok, so hit the play button now.

Edge Firewall - Just play below video guys

Bridge Firewall-

This firewall basically is to restrict the traffic between VLAN and vxlan. If you know the L2 bridge  in NSX-V then it would be easier to understand and if you don't know then please read out here

Creating video on this is not feasible for me as of now because I don't have like setup. If I will have any such setup then will surely create one and will share with you guys!!

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