vRNI | What was changed?

Hi Guys,

I am exploring vRNI for the last few months so I thought to share a few good things with you. Keep visiting the space to know more about vRNI.

Today, I am sharing the steps which you can take to track all the changes which were done in firewall rules by anyone in a specific time interval.

It is useful when you are doing troubleshooting or it can also be used while auditing the environment in some cases.

Step 1- Login vRNI and be on below page

Step 2 - Type here "Firewall Rule Membership Change" and select the time interval as shown below

Step 3 - Once the time is selected then hit the search button. You will see all the changes were made in the given time interval where you can easily track down the changes done.

Step 4 - Now, you can check the changes on the portal itself or you can export them in csv file and then check the file through below way

Hope it was useful guys,

Keep learning and keep growing! Even in the Corona era!

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