VCD | Upload or Download an OVA\OVF file to and from Org vDC with ovftool

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First of all I am sorry that I couldn't write up since last few days due to some personal work. But today I got some time and I thought to write about the subject.

I have seen many techy guys struggling with ovftools to upload the ova\ovf file into orgvDC. Generally, people love to upload ovf\ova file through GUI but sometime it just doesn't work due to x reason then you have this alternate way of uploading it. You can also use ovftool to see the exact error\progress while uploading it. Ovftool is helpful in many other operations but today's post is to learn that How to upload ova\ovf file through ovftool. right?

Now, as you know that I prefer to write some unique content or the content with enough elaboration that anyone can understand it. So, I saw a few article on this subject which I think will be little bit difficult for a lesser expert person to understand.

So, I will not only put the text here but also will create a clear video and will make sure that every info here will just work perfectly.

Below is the command -

To download

ovftool "vcloud://" "C:\temp\Windows_2019.ova"


ovftool - It is the command string, you need to use
vcloud - It is to tell the ovftool that this operation is to be taken for vcloud director
gjohar - user account name created in org "vcnotes" - VCD URL to use with third party tools like ovftools
Test - It is the catalog name from where we are downloading the ova named Windows_2019
Windows_2019 - It is the vapp template or ova which is stored in Catalog named Test.

As per above command, we are downloading it to Temp directory. Also, just change the extension to Windows_2019.ovf, if you want to download ovf file. Got it?

To upload

ovftool "C:\temp\Windows_2019.ova" "vcloud://"

it is just the reverse action. In above command, the ova file placed in C:\temp with given name will be uploaded into the catalog Test with name Windows_2019 in Org named "vcnotes" and with user account gjohar.

Hope it was easy.

I will buy sometime to create a video on it. Actually, I will be away from vCD terminal for next few days. In case, anyone still have some issues with this download and uploading ova/ovf file then you can share you vcd terminal and I will help you live ;)

In my next post, I will write about uploading and download ISO file. We will use ovftools only and it has little different command than uploading\download ova\ovf file.

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