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Cloud Director | How it works with VM Snapshot

Hello Guys, Hope all are healthy and safe and enjoying the present. If you are healthy and safe and still not enjoying the life then start enjoying it :) This was today's Gyan! I wish that as VMware has this snapshot feature, life also should have this feature. When you feel that I am most content, successful and happiest then take snapshot and save it somewhere and in adverse days, revert the snapshot. Unfortunately, it doesn't happens. Because whatever happens in life, happens for once and get implemented permanently. No more Gyan! let's start the main discussion :D You will be surprised to know that this behavior has not documented by VMware either in form of KB article or documentation. There is one good documentation from Tomas Fojta which explain it but I thought to showcase this behavior in bit explained way and with snippets. Before demonstrating it with snippets, I would like to share that 1. vCenter works differently than vCD in terms of snapshots 2. When you tak

vROPS | Cannot share dashboard with my account

Hello Folks, However, today's post is giving solution for one issue but it will open up your mind to hunt for solution of many issues. If not then it will help you to understand roles and permission of vROPS with realtime example. So, story is like, I was working on vRops and noticed that I couldn't share my dashboard which I created with my domain account. Hope you know how to share any dashboard created in vROPS. If not then refer to below image. Click on highlighted icon to share any dashboard. But, I was not getting this icon. Refer to below image. Do you see any icon here? Of course not. Now, let's hunt for solution. It is clear that if you don't see any functionality in any application then it can be due to two reasons 1. An application bug 2. Less or no access permissions First point is ruled out because, I cross checked with admin account that I could see this option with admin account. If not first then it is second point which is causing the issue here. Now, q

vROPS | how to check manually uploaded PAK file status

 Hello Guys, VMware has this process mentioned but that is confusing to me and I had to deal it differently to make it happen. So, I thought to write down on my blog. I hope it will help many. Its again amazing that this process is not included in vROPS API guide. Basically, after manually upload the PAK file or you can say that after pre-staging of PAK file , we need to ensure now that we did it right so we have to use this API way to check that. Step 1 : Connect vROPS in API as per instructions in vROPS API guide Step 2 : Again, as per instructions in api guide, use vrops auth token and basic authentication now. Step 3 : This step, I didn't find anywhere in API guide. You need to modify the command as shown below with GET operation and then hit the search button. vRealizeOperationsManagerEnterprise-81116522883 > This is the PAK file ID of PAK file which I uploaded manually a