vCD | Error "Invalid User" during any operation with VM

Hi Guys,

I am covering this error because I couldn't find any article on it and I had to open a case with VMware to resolve it. Luckily, my issue went into hand of a good guy and we could resolve it after around 5-6 hours call. So, I thought to cover this up as well. It can be beneficial for someone.

In this article, I will not share exact solution rather I will tell you that why is it happening, I mean the root cause and then you have to raise a case with VMware. At least you will now know the root cause. Why not solution? because you will have to do some changes in vCloud Database and it is very critical to touch cloud director DB by your own and if you are not that expert.

Error is below in image and impacted vCD version is 9.7

Reason: In my case, it happened because my customer deleted a user from LDAP server directly without transferring its objected from vCloud Director. Hope you know that when you delete any user in vCD, it ask you to transfer its objects. In this case, it was not happened and all those owned objected were locked for any modification.

VMware identified all the objects which was running with user ID and then replaced the user ID with system's account user id. They did it from vCD database. You need to raise case with them.

Enjoy the troubleshooting :)


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