vCD | How to disable auto-discovery for particular OrgvDC

How to connect
How to check existing setting
How to update existing setting


I am creating a post on the subject because there is no clear cut article on this on web or might be I couldn't find straightforward process to do this. Basically, in vCD GUI there is option to disable or enable the auto-discovery for entire vCD system. On org level you cannot disable or enable auto-discovery but you can override this setting on OrgvDC level but with the help of Admin APIs. Hope you know about APIs but what is Admin APIs. This will automatically be answered in this post. Read this post carefully and I hope you will understand this. To know more about auto-discovery, you can check out this post by Tom Fojta.

How to connect

You cannot even check the auto-discovery status for OrgvDC from GUI. You need to use the API. I have already covered this in my previous posts to connect vCD in API tool. Have a look here

How to check existing setting

Once you are connected then Use below api query to extract your Org detail

1. GET https://vcloud_ip_or_fqdn/api/org 

Now, copy entire output and paste into notepad++ or any other text editor you want. Search for Org name where your orgvDC was created. Search in the notepad++ file only. You will get href link from there. Copy that link and paste it in API tool and send GET command. Example is shown below

2. GET https://vcloud_ip_or_fqdn/api/org/a038859f-bf22-4d64-b6dc-e1cb8fdf2fbc"

Now, you will get OrgvDCs list in this org. Copy entire output again and paste it into notepad++ again. Search target OrgvDC name and copy the href for that OrgvDC. Below is the example-


In order to check the value you need to modify the above href value little bit. Check below


Hope you could notice the difference in above lines. Now create and send GET command as below

3. GET https://vcloud_ip_or_fqdn/api/admin/vdc/a038859f-bf22-4d64-b6dc-e1cb8fdf2fbc"

Note that if you run the GET command with adding "admin" then only you will get the auto-discovery option in output. Below is the example command and output with "admin" keyword-

Note that, if any OrgvDC output is not having this line that's mean it is following the vDC global level setting and to override this value by adding this line here. I will explain how.

Flase means VM auto-discovery is disabled and true means it is enabled. I explained you the process to get the value to Vm Auto Discovery status for OrgvDC. Now let's how to change this value.

How to update existing setting

To update this value from false to true or true to false or even enter the whole line here, you need to follow below steps

1. From above steps 3, you got orgvDC href value where you send GET query to get the auto vm discovery states, now you replace GET command with PUT command

2. Now, in the output for OrgvDC which you copied into notepad++,  If vmDiscoveryEnabled is false and you want to make it true then change the keyword from false to true and vice-versa. 

3. Copy entire output again after changing the value and paste it in the BODY, select RAW and select xml as shown in my previous post.

4. You will not click on send button now, you need to add one more header here along with other placed headers. Header info is given here and practical use below. For this reason only, I had to create an entire post. This is not clearly mentioned on any article on web so now you have one.

In case, you want to use JSON then you can use that too but make sure then JSON must be selected in body where you pasted the data from notepad++.

Once you put the content-type then make sure you have entered the right vDC href and selected operations in PUT and not GET. 

Now hit the send button.

You will get message "202 Accepted" if all went good.