PS | To extract DRS rules with VM names

Hi Guys,

This is not a big thing but still I wanted to document it for my own reference. I got a request like which VMs are in which DRS rules so I got below script.

#Start here

$VC = Read-host "Enter the FQDN\IP of vCenter Server"

Connect-VIServer $VC
$DRSRules = Get-Cluster | Get-DrsRule
$Results = ForEach ($DRSRule in $DRSRules)
    "" | Select-Object -Property @{N="Cluster";E={(Get-View- Id $DRSRule.Cluster.Id).Name}},
    @{N="DRS Type";E={$DRSRule.KeepTogether}},
    @{N="VMs";E={$VMIds=$DRSRule.VMIds -split ","
     $VMs = ForEach ($VMId in $VMIds)
        (Get-View -Id $VMId).Name
      $VMs -join ","}}
$Results | out-gridview

#End here

Another window will open and copy entire output into excel if you want.



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