Good to Know about VMware Cloud Director (KB#00103)

Hello Folks,

I got feedback from few fellows that I write up about incidents, issues, automation, short and efficient ways to do any task but all these stuff is for those who already works on VCD or on any platform being it NSX, vCenter or powershell. 

Till the date, I haven't published anything like basics of something because I feel that Internet is already full of such stuff. But still, because I received this feedback so I thought to write up for the guys who are fresher in virtualization but in my own way ;)

I have planned to mention "Good to know" things about any product I work on being it VCD, NSX, VRLI, VROPS, vCenter, Usage Meter, vRNI or powershell.

Today, I picked VCD. This is for those who just started learning VCD or want to start learning VCD but I believe few points will help those too who are working with VCD ;)

See, in current circumstances, I think, not only me is short of time but also all the readers too. I believe the information which is being shared should be crisp and to the point. I don't know whether the slide I made to describe the basics of VCD is good enough or not but you can tell me if you think that I should elaborate any other component. I am leaving this to see if it raise any question and helpful anyone out there ;)

You may fill the comment box with your thoughts and questions :)