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Arista | Command to transfer the tech-support bundle to FTP server
copy flash:/EOS-4.18.2F.swi ftp:/user:password@

Explanation -
user = username of ftp server account

password = password of ftp server account = IP address of ftp server

EOS-4.18.2F.swi = tech-support bundle file name 

Powershell | How to encrypt a PowerShell script

Reboot Windows with below PowerShell command 
powershell.exe -encodedCommand cwBoAHUAdABkAG8AdwBuACAALQByACAALwB0ACAAMAAxACAA

To create a digital clock

Download the script and run in PowerShell

EST Clock -
CST Clock -
IST Clock -

Free Training and Certification Courses

Command to check Kernel version in Linux

#Rpm -qa | grep -I kernel

NSX-T 2.4 administration guide

IP address configuration commands in Linux
To change IP on an interface - ifconfig eth1 netmask
To set or change DG of any VM - route add default gw

How to ping with the MTU value

ping -f -l 1492 

What all you can add and how in vRNI 

How to encode and decode Base64 script

To create scroll in google blog. 
In HTML view, enter your text as shown below
<center><div style="text-align:left;width:50px;height:150px;overflow:scroll;padding:750px;">

Powershell command to extract DRS rules with VM names
Connect-VIServer “Enter VC Name here”
$DRSRules = Get-Cluster | Get-DrsRule
$Results = ForEach ($DRSRule in $DRSRules)
    "" | Select-Object -Property @{N="Cluster";E={(Get-View- Id $DRSRule.Cluster.Id).Name}},
    @{N="DRS Type";E={$DRSRule.KeepTogether}},
    @{N="VMs";E={$VMIds=$DRSRule.VMIds -split ","
     $VMs = ForEach ($VMId in $VMIds)
        (Get-View -Id $VMId).Name
      $VMs -join ","}}
$Results | out-gridview

Command to check speed and other info of HBA card 

esxcli storage san fc list   > Run in esxi cli

vCloud API Guide for NSX

Click here

PS Command to create NoSleep action to prevent idle session time out in windows 

 param($minutes = 60)


$myshell = New-Object -com "Wscript.Shell"


for ($i = 0; $i -lt $minutes; $i++) {

  Start-Sleep -Seconds 60



PS Command to put static routes in multiple esxi hosts

$esxcli = Get-EsxCli -VMHost $esx -V2
$parms = @{
  network = ''
  gateway = ''


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